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Gwendolyn J. Elliott Institute


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The Gwendolyn J. Elliott Institute supports research, provides training and
serves as a clearinghouse for best practices in research and programming
that empowers young girls and women.

The mission of the Institute is to provide expertise in the fields of research
and training for individuals and organizations working with girls.




Key Elements of Gender-Specific Programs


 Institute Goals & Objectives

1. Identify, plan, and implement new research projects.

2. Provide support for research, education, and outreach efforts.

3. Build partnerships with and among non-profit, government and research communities.

4. Develop training and education programs aimed at addressing knowledge gaps for African American girls and young women.

5. Participate and organize local, state, regional, and national conferences.

6. Serve as a clearinghouse for documents, reports, and relevant educational materials for educators and professionals on the needs and strengths of African American girls and young women.

7. Advocate for policy changes and improved practices within organizations that serve or otherwise engage with African American girls.

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