St. John’s University Visit

On Tuesday night, the senior girls participated in a focus group about healthy and unhealthy relationships. During this session, the girls were encouraged to speak freely and openly about their ideas on relationships.

One idea they discussed was how to tell when relationships become unhealthy, and some of the ideas the girls came up with were possessiveness, abuse, and pressure. During the discussion the girls were asked what they think this kind of relationship could do to a girl’s self-esteem and they explained that it could cause doubt and depression. They then were asked to discuss what they could do if they began to feel this way, and the girls explained that they needed to seek help from friends, family members, church organizations, and people they look up to and trust.

After discussing negative relationships, the girls discussed positive relationships and what positive relationships did to their self-esteem and mental health. The girls said that it was nice to have support because it gave them confidence and made them feel good. The girls really opened up and enjoyed being able to talk to the group facilitators.