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STEM Initiative

The goal of the Gwen’s Girls STEM Initiative is to promote interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by exposing Gwen’s Girls participants to captivating experiences and opportunities that promote critical thinking and problem solving, and to the breadth of STEM careers and professional opportunities through workforce initiatives.

STEM programming is comprised of activities for girls of all ages in all scientific disciplines. These activities include:

  • ASSET science modules
  • Activities and experiments based upon interest of the girls and/or current events.
  • PittBridge is a STEM-based college preparatory program for girls ages 12 and above. There are two cohorts (North Side and Penn Hills). PittBridge provides opportunities for high-level scientific experimentation, supports increased academic prowess through structured academic enrichment, and prepares participants for college admissions and other academic opportunities.
  • Coding activities are designed to develop logical thinking and problem solving of older girls through computer programming of web based and mobile applications.

Gwen’s Girls’ STEM Initiative is a broad spectrum of activities to expose girls at every site and of every age group to the natural world and how things in it operate.



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