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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the See the Best in Me blog! This blog will be a space for our girls to enhance positive self-esteem for not only themselves, but for other girls.

Starting this blog with the girls has been an eye-opening experience. Although hesitant at first, the girls slowly became more comfortable and explained what inspires them.  We discussed the importance of creativity and different ways one can express herself. We came up with rules in order to create a safe space and respect each other.  Even though these are the beginning stages of the blog, we are excited to see the development and progress of the girls.  This post is a way for me to keep you updated with our goals for the rest of the year. We hope to use a variety of writing styles and have the girls suggest topics so that we can shape that discussion rather than coming up with ideas on my own.  Over the next few months, we will work with the girls on exploring passions, finding a voice, discussing memorable moments, and writing letters to themselves. The girls will be able to use this blogging experience as an opportunity to celebrate themselves and inspire others in the surrounding community, the city of Pittsburgh, or even across the country.Thanks for tuning in!

Saron and Arielle
(Gwen’s Girls Interns)


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