Foster Care Program


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In 2007, Gwen's Girls added Foster Care to our continuum of services, where our expertise in providing comprehensive, gender-responsive services and support are extended to children in need of a loving home. While we primarily serve girls, we also accept boys into our Foster Care Program if they are part of a sibling group that includes a girl.

Our Foster Care Program offers caring, committed families an opportunity to open their homes to children in need.  Gwen's Girls coordinates all services with the placing agency, foster family, birth family and other services to meet the total needs of children in Foster Care.

The objectives of our Foster Care Program are:

  • Coordinate the best match between a child and a foster family based on culture, community/family ties and meeting the child's individual needs
  • Support and facilitate efforts in achieving a permanency goal for each child through a collaborative effort involving the placing agency, birth family, foster family and other service providers
  • Provide foster families with ongoing support through training and monthly home visits
  • Work cooperatively with foster families to ensure safe home environments for children that promote physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being
  • Provide children with the foundation and tools to maintain healthy relationships and positive pathways

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