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Healthy Eating

This week, one of our interns decided to do a lesson on healthy eating and good nutrition, giving the girls a chance to discuss what kinds of foods they eat on a daily basis. This discussion was “a lot of fun” and allowed the girls the chance to find out more interesting facts on the food we eat.

After the discussion, the girls participated in an activity where they put soda on the stove and boiled the water off, which resulted in a thick, sticky syrup. This allowed our girls to see what they put into their bodies when drinking this kind of beverage. During the activity there were many exclamations of ”Eww!!” and “Gross!!”. One of our girls even stated “I’m going to stop drinking pop.”

Once the girls viewed this activity they had the chance to participate in making a healthy alternative food choice: fruit salad. The girls really liked the bright colors and loved eating it. This activity was a great way to incorporate our health and wellness life domain and allowed the girls the chance to see the importance of healthy eating.


Black History Month Celebration

During the month of February, Gwen’s Girls held an event for Black History Month.  This event allowed our girls to listen to some amazing speakers, find out who won our essay contest, enjoy food and music along with the fellowship of one another.

One of the speakers that the girls enjoyed was Detective Tamara Hawthorne from the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.  This amazing woman shared her story with our girls and explained that “your past does not determine your future,” and that our girls should be “treating themselves like the queens they want to become.” Det. Hawthorne stated that just because you come from bad area or have faced hardships in your life does not mean that you cannot overcome it – our girls need to reach out and find resources, like Gwen’s Girls, that can benefit them.  When I asked what the girls liked about the speaker, they said she was very passionate in telling her story and made them realize the importance of making good decisions.

Not only did our girls enjoy our guest speaker but they enjoyed watching their friends being recognized for a job well done on the essay competition featuring writing about “Who am I and who I will become.” At the end of the night, the girls enjoyed the chance to sing and dance with one another and said that “they were proud of who they were becoming, and thankful to learn their history.”


Gwen’s Girls Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day came early for the G.I.R.L.S. program participants, who celebrated on February 12th with a special meal provided by volunteers. The Senior girls helped to prepare the healthy dinner, which included pasta, roasted vegetables, chicken, salad, fruit, and of course – chocolate. They chopped fruit, dressed the salad, and set up the tables so that everyone could enjoy the meal. Everything was delicious, and many of the girls said that they would be able to recreate a similar meal on their own. After dinner every girl received a flower to take home.

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