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What would you invent to make the world better?

One week during the blogging group with the girls, I opened with a prompt: “If you could invent something to make life better, what would it be?” I then had the girls write about it for about 10 minutes. What they came up with was inspiring, creative, and heartwarming. Below is the final product from one of our girls, Destanee.

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How My Family Is: A Poem

How My Family Is…

By: Kennedy, age 9

My family is awesome.

My family is good.

I am blessed to have a family.

My mom does everything for me.

My dad makes sure I have stuff to eat.

My older sister can be a pain, but I love her.

She is my best sis I could ever have.

I love my middle sister, I love her to death.

I love my grandpa even though I don’t see him all the time.

I love my grandma to death like I love my cat.

My uncle lets me come over all the time, I love him.

I love my aunt like I love my dog, I really love her.

This is how my family is, I love them.


Black History Poem

A poem written by Candace, a 14-year-old in our after-school program. 

This is a poem

A poem about history

There’s black

There’s white

But to me, it’s just a mystery

What does it matter?

Where you came from

All that really matters is what you do and have done

Yes history is a mystery

Not only to me

Let me figure it out so I can see

The mystery behind the history

I’ll just open my eyes

Big, wide, and happy

And find a surprise

While history is a mystery

Not only to me

The true question is

Who will you be?


#‎BlackGirlsMatter‬: The Criminalization of Black Girls Documentary

Gwen’s Girls had the opportunity to speak with Amma Ababio, former Pittsburgh resident and student at Harvard, to discuss the creation of her and Marna Owens’ documentary ‪#‎BlackGirlsMatter‬: The Criminalization of Black Girls.
She had some words of inspiration for our girls. Read all about it in our latest ‪#‎SeetheBestinMe‬ email!




Be There Video Contest!

Our girls created a video for United Way’s Be There campaign about the importance of school attendance! Click the image below to watch! #SeetheBestinMe



I Am Proud to Be Me

Emmanazia was the first of our girls to write a post for our new blog. Throughout the duration of our time working with her, we came up with a theme: I am proud to be me. With that theme in mind, Emmanazia let her creativity flow onto the page. The result? Something amazing!

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A Poem for Our Girls

Read a poem by our group facilitators Miss Tenisha and Miss Shayla!

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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the See the Best in Me blog! This blog will be a space for our girls to enhance positive self-esteem for not only themselves, but for other girls.

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