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I Am Proud to Be Me

Emmanazia was the first of our girls to write a post for our new blog. Throughout the duration of our time working with her, we came up with a theme: I am proud to be me. With that theme in mind, Emmanazia let her creativity flow onto the page. The result? Something amazing!

By: Emmanazia (Age 13)

I’m proud to be me. If I’m trying to be someone else and that person is trying to be another person, then who am I trying to be? If the whole world was trying to be perfect then it would be a boring perfect world without any mistakes, laughter, games, or fun.  Without struggles, there are no experiences and no lessons learned.

I’m also proud to be me because I like singing.  It’s my passion and something I want to do when I get older. It calms me and is a gift of opportunity God has given to me that I will never take for granted. And I will continue to use it. I’m proud that God gave me this gift because I can share it with the world if I choose to. One day I want to become a person with a singing career without changing who I am or what I do. People who know me as a best friend, student, junior staff, classmate, or are close to me know that I’m funny, goofy, smiling, happy, emotional, giving, open minded, outspoken, sometimes quiet, helpful, loving, and patient. I’m proud to be me.

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