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FedEx Cares

Our team for today is Carol Patton, Kristen Hansen, Dave Brown, Terri Runtas, Amber Rome, and Marie Blosser.

As we worked together today as part of FedEx Cares Day, we prepared to make the computer room a fresh new home for the 35 girls who use this daily. We scrubbed the floors, the shelving, the blackboard, the desks, window treatments and anything that needed to be cleaned.

We talked about making the room a place for fun, with crafty and original decorations. We wanted to make it a home for the girls and personal as well. This day gave us the opportunity to spend time outside of work, share our ideas and have fun together.

What a wonderful organization Gwen’s Girls is with the hope and love they provide in the Pittsburgh community! Thank you for allowing us to give back!

Marie Blosser — and the entire team!

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