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Gwen’s Girls Story – Ashley

My name is Ashley and I am a former Gwen’s Girl. Gwen’s Girls is very welcoming and supportive. The first time I came, I was in Gwen’s Girls for about a week. I was about 6 months pregnant and all the staff and other girls there were very supportive. Even though I wanted to be home with my family, I enjoyed being around other teen girls going through the same problems as me.

About three months after I came back home, I was put into Shuman Center. My mother did not want me to go back home and I said if I could, I would like to go back to Gwen’s Girls. At this time, I was 9.5 months pregnant.

At Gwen’s Girls, Ms. Shelly helped me set up all my doctors’ appointments and get everything I needed. The staff made sure I was well taken care of. Also, Ms. Shelly helped me get into a program to get my G.E.D.

When I went into labor, I was still at the group home. I was nervous at first because I wasn’t with my family, but the staff helped me out a lot. Ms. C took me to the hospital and even waited with me until my family got there. After I left the hospital, I had to go back to Gwen’s Girls. Ms. C picked me up. She had moved me into another room and helped me with all my things when we got back there. She was very helpful and supported me with all my family issues. She was the best! I was at Gwen’s Girls for about three more weeks after I had my daughter. Everyone was very helpful and I really appreciated it. I came home, but I sometimes miss being there because I got so used to them.

Being at Gwen’s Girls taught me a lot. It made me realize I shouldn’t anything for granted. I learned to appreciate my family and the support I have around me because not everyone has that. They had taught me to be more independent and do more things on my own. I’m very thankful for the things I’ve learned from being there. I guess what I’m trying to say is Gwen’s Girls is a great place and they helped me with some important things in my life!

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