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FISH visits Gwen’s Girls

Right as the fresh Spring air began to roll in, members of the FISH (Fellowship In Senior High) community from State College, PA were buzzing with excitement for the opportunity to travel to Pittsburgh for volunteer opportunities. Soon, we found ourselves standing at the doors of the Community House Church, ready to unload our sleeping bags and suitcases, but more than anything, ready to serve.

As the group assignments were plastered to the walls, students buzzed around them excitedly. Although all of the volunteer opportunities had their own benefits, the students chosen to work at Gwen’s Girls were the most excited of us all. On the bus to Pittsburgh, stories were pouring out from veterans of the Pittsburgh trip about working with Gwen’s Girls, whether about the adorable children they had worked with or about how nice it felt to help a community with such a great cause and message. For me, personally, working with Gwen’s Girls was the highlight of my time when I came here two years ago, not so much due to the work itself (cleaning and organizing the facilities), but because of how much I learned. Seeing the documentary on Gwen’s Girls message nearly brought me to tears when I realized the immense difficulties women face, not only in Pittsburgh, but everywhere throughout the world. Seeing the statistics about body image and sexual abuse were what troubled me the most, and after watching the documentary, I was determined to work my hardest during the time I had to help clean up the facilities. After talking to my fellow volunteers, I was happy to realize they felt the same way.

Although we volunteers contribute only a small amount to the cause, it’s nice to know that we had some part in creating at least a little bit of an improved environment for these girls, and we are immensely thankful to again have the opportunity to do that. Thank you, Gwen’s Girls for all you have done and all you continue to do.

Peace and Girl Power,

Mariel D. and the FISH Community

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