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The winter blues do not damper Gwen’s Girls!

With all this cold and bitter weather, many people are facing the winter blues. However, here at Gwen’s Girls that is not the case. Every evening the girls, come into the center full of excitement and energy, and are ready to participate in all the activities that Gwen’s Girls has to offer. One activity that the girls especially enjoyed was splatter painting, where they took different colored markers and paint and flicked the colors onto paper. They said that this was something they really liked doing because it was messy and turned out looking really cool!

How is it that these young women are able to be optimistic with such yucky weather?  Here are 5 ways our girls do it:

  1. Surround yourself with friends!
  2. Be active!
  3. Do something you like!
  4. Relax after a busy day!
  5. Embrace the weather and play in the snow!
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