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Our girls create ring tones

Girls in our After School Program put their spin on hand clap rhymes to create two ring tones. They performed “Cinderella Jump Rope Tone” and “Down By the Bank Ringtone” which were captured by Teresa Foley of

Transcription of the Gwen’s Girls’ Tones

Cinderella Jump Rope Tone:

Cinderella, dressed in yellow / went upstairs to kiss a fellow / made a mistake and kissed a snake / how many doctors will it take / one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, [etc.]

Down By the Bank (hand-clapping) Ringtone:

Down by the bank with the hanky pank / where the bullfrog jump from bank to bank / say E-Fi-E-Fi-Fo, skittle diddle kernel pop / I pledge allegiance to the flag, Michael Jackson makes me glad / Coca Cola has caffeine, now we’re talking jelly bean / Jelly beans are out of site, now we’re back to / Down by the bank with the hanky pank…

To get the ring tones and see more information about this exciting collaboration, click here

The girls created ringtones by clapping their hands.



My Gwen’s Girls Story

I have been a Gwen’s Girl for six years. I started when I was eight years old. I was so excited when I first started. My older sister Kym came to Gwen’s Girls when she was younger, and I used to be so jealous when she came home and told me what they did and where they were going that I would cry. I couldn’t wait to turn eight so I could start Gwen’s Girls!

My start date was 2004. I was so excited. Gwen’s Girls taughts me everything. My most favorite was learning about bullying. I plan to stay in Gwen’s Girls until I am 18 years old and learn more.

– Destiny I., 14


What’s my Gwen’s Girls Story?

I have been in Gwen’s Girls for going on nine years. Gwen’s Girls has been a very important accessory in my life because of how much they have helped me through so many ups and downs.

The staff has helped me become aware of abusive relationships and how important it is to get out of them before it’s too late. I have been so excited to share and experience life with such an enthusiastic view of people, and I’m excited to carry on Gwen’s Girls legacy and expectations.

-Taylor J., 17

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